Exige 3.5 Cup 380 2dr

  • Mileage 6,000 miles
  • Year 2017 67
  • Capacity 3.5
  • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Transmission Manual
  • MPG 27.2
  • Top Speed 174
  • Colour Essex Blue
  • BHP 375

Vehicle Specification

Lotus Exige 3.5 Cup 380 2dr – The Cup takes the already finely honed Exige Sport 380 and applies parts from the track-only Race 380 to make a halfway house between a road and a track car, focusing on removing weight, improving aerodynamic performance and honing even further the car’s dynamics via fully adjustable suspension. Chief amongst the changes is the considerably greater use of carbonfibre, reducing the Cup’s kerb weight to 1105kg from the Sport’s 1110kg. Remember, too, that this is all based on a car that already takes saving grams seriously, let alone entire kilograms. The shiny composite material is used for a new front splitter, the front access panel, the bargeboards, the roof panel, the diffuser surround at the rear, the larger side intake pods (these save 500g, for instance) and a one-piece tailgate.


Adjustable Nitron dampers are complemented by Eibach adjustable anti-roll bars. The dampers offer a range of 16 settings in compression and 20 in rebound, and Lotus recommends a ‘road and track’ setting to stop customers getting into a setup muddle. The Nitrons feature a bigger bore and corresponding piston and also have spherical metal attachments rather than rubber bushes. That means there’s no wasted motion and they can cope with a much higher spring rate (up 60 per cent), which in turn is necessary with the increased downforce. A wider rear Michelin Cup 2 tyre – a 285 section, up from the Sport’s 265 – improves grip and traction further still.


Number Plate – LT67CUP available at additional cost – speak to us for further details.


14/02/18 827 Miles Bell & Colvill Lotus
20/11/18 3,752 Miles Bell & Colvill Lotus
21/11/19 5,605 Miles Bell & Colvill Lotus

  • Airbags Deletion (No Airbag Steering Wheel)
  • Fire Extinguisher System and Battery Isolator
  • Air-Conditioning Automatic
  • Cruise Control
  • Floor Mats
  • Sound Insulation
  • In Car Entertainment
  • Parking Aid (Rear)
  • Tyre Pressure Control
  • Upholstery Cloth/Leather